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The Impoverished, Rich, African Country Known as Angola

Created by Dante S and Chris B

Dante's Angola Mask



by Dante S

            Angola, to me, is the land of confusion. This mask represents some of Angola’s key features, such as the green money signs on the eyes signifying both wealth and greed. Or the black splotch close to the eye, which is oil, the source of much of Angola’s wealth. The yellow on the mask is to represent Portugal, the country that colonized the red Angola, and that fact that they speak Portuguese. The speaking lines coming out of the red mouth symbolize that it is a Republic. Even the red feathers, all ruffled up say that Angola is almost half tribes, such as the Bantu. The cross on the forehead is the Christianity of Angola. It is blue, like one of the “civilized” feathers to represent a normal part of city life. That is why the mountains are on the “primal” side of the mask, as they are not near the cities. Much of the details are black, as much of the population of Angola is dark skinned. The lain down swords on one side and the landmine on the other tell the story of the leftover mines from the 27-year civil war. Angola is both a confusing and troubled country, no doubt, but honestly, would you help if you could?


A Country’s Cry for Help

By Dante S

I am a fast growing country that is still dealing with the aftermath from my civil conflict

I wonder why I am so rich, and my people so poor

I hear the distant sound of explosions left over from our 27-year civil war

I see the beggars and the mountains, somehow hand in hand

I want a cure for malaria and better hospitals that aren’t ravaged and beaten

I am a fast growing country that is still dealing with the aftermath from my civil conflict


I feel relieved a there is no more conflict

I touch my oil, slick as can be

I smell the herbs of the tribes, almost half of me

I worry we will never recover from 27 years of war past

I cry that there is still so much poverty

I am a fast growing country that is still dealing with the aftermath from my civil conflict


I understand I have always been troubled

I say maybe Jesus can save us

I dream of a time when we will all be safe

I try to rid myself of landmines, but there are always more

I hope one day we will succeed and then we can rebuild

I am Angola



by Chris B

I am the land that has the home of the starving that have no jobs during the day.

I wonder if we will ever recover from this night mere of poverty.

I hear the sounds of hyenas wanting to be fed.

I see rich people taking advantage of the poor and throwing away food in front of them.

I want to be harvested of my crops on this cursed land.

I am the land that has the home of the starving.


I feel cracked and dry as the roads chip away from the lack of tourist.

I touch the high mountain of Morro de Mocco pinned to the sky. 

I smell the fear in the elders as they reach dying age of 40.

I worry that the people will never over come the night mere that is the poverty. 

I cry rivers in this land because the people are taking advantage of the others.

I am the land that has the home of the starving. 


I under stand that we are progressing because of the bursting amount of oil.

I say that the ancestors are with us to help us over come this challenge. 

I dream that the boxes up on the hill that are used foe homes will be gone.

I try to produce as much oil as possible for my country.

I hope that we will live in peace.

I am Angola. 


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The video above is just a lot of pictures of Angola coupled with some Angolan music


This is a picture of the Angolan flag.http://www.theodora.com/flags/angola_flag.html

Below is a picture of an Angolan landscape http://www.angola.travelphotoguide.com/


     Angola was colonized by the Portuguese in the 1500s. They speak many languages such as Bantu, Kimbunu,Umbuntu,Kikongo and their main language; Portuguese. Life in Angola is extremely disrupted by left overlandmines from the civil war, which lasted 27 years. Despite this, Angola is the 66th richest country in the world. By 2015,  they will be producing to 25% of the United State's oil. They are already the largest producer of China's oil, and the US's 6th largest. Malaria effects every single area in Angola, which may be the reason the life span is only 38.48 years. The malaria makes it a highly dangerous place to visit. 47% of the population in Angola is made of tribes, which makes the fact that only 40.5% of the population is in poverty surprising. Angola has an alternating rainy and dry climate, going from hot to cold within a year. Angola is right next to the Atlantic ocean, making it good for trade routes.

     Angola has the 2nd highest death rate in the world, with 23.74 deaths to the 1000 live people, beaten only by Haiti. Angola also has the highest infant mortality rate in the world, with 180.21 deaths for every 1000 live births. 

Despite all these awful facts, 67.4% of the population can read and write on average, with 82.9% of men and 54.2% of women being literate. Angola's population will be 18,020,668 by the end of 2010. Angola is a Republic, And a predominantly Christian country. There are not many major tribes there, but there is a main tribe, the Bantu, taking almost 50% of the population. Angola gained their independence on November 11, 1975, sparking the civil war of Angola. The heath care system in Angola is not good. Many hospitals are beaten up and destroyed, which only adds tot he danger of being hit by a landmine.

For more information about the landmines in Angola, click the link below. It contains a report about the landmines in Angola, and is very thorough and complete.



For more things Angola go to the links below


Below is the link to the CIA world factbook page about Angola. It is very detailed and reliable source for almost anything you would like to know.



New York Times' Angola Page


Above is a link to the New York Times web page about Angola. It has many helpful news articles and general information.

Embassy of the Republic of Angola


Above is the link to the official website of Angola. It holds a ton of general information, but nothing very specific.



Above is a link to a site with a moderate amount of info on Angola, but holds many links to stories and news about Angola.


Further Questions for Research: feel free to respond to these questions with answers or any other questions you might have about Angola in the comments.


-Why is Angola the 66th richest country in the world and stricken by poverty?


-How come malaria is such a bad problem there?


-Are there any ways to help Angola?



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