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Welcome to the Burundi Page!


Created by Jordan M. and Madison I. 



Burundi is a small landlocked country East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South of Rwanda, and East of Tanzania. Burundi has many mountains like the Teza Mountains(Top Picture Below), along with plains and plateaus. The pictures below were taken on a mission to Burundi in 2007. 




                            Retrieved these Images from: http://www.mygoodhelper.com/burundi/burundi.html



-General Facts-

CAPITAL: Bujumbura

CURRENCY: Burundian Franc

EXCHANGE RATE: 1 US Dollar = 1,245 Burundian Franc

POPULATION: 9,511, 330


RELIGION: Christian 67% (Roman Catholic 62%, Protestant 5%)

 Indigenous beliefs 23% Muslim 10% 

  Resource:  https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/by.html


Get a taste of Burundis native music in the video below retrieved from YouTube.com!  


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Some more Burundian music awaits your approval below! This music is more traditional than the one above. 


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14 Bodies were found in the Rusizi River West of Bujumbura:



Smart phones used to conduct food surveys:




Thousands of Dem. Rep. Congo,Burundi Refugees to Return Home






Burundi Mask

By Madison Inouye

The masks we created recently in our African Expedition in literacy are more than just symbols of our countries. By using plaster of paris strips to make our masks, we were putting our identity into the pieves, making each one different. Our identity is also in the paint we gave our masks, showing that each and every country is beautiful and amazing in its own way. To me, painting the masks was also sort of reflecting on them and showing what we interpreted from our research. My mask is very fitting for our country for many reasons, but I think the most coincedental is that my 'face' is the smallest in the class, just like my country, Burundi, who is one of the smallest countries in Africa. Funny, huh?






A Caterpillar Country:

I am Burundi

by Madison Inouye


I am a country like a pepper on your tongue, small but not forgotten.

I wonder if my government will ever stop dancing on the edge and heed my peoples’ words.

I hear my populace silently weeping and fearing for their children who must inherit their corrupt government.

I say, “Stop the violence!” but friction between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes drowns out my pleas.

I want my people to walk down my streets, unafraid to live.

I am a country like a pepper on your tongue, small but not forgotten.


I feel like a caterpillar in a cocoon, waiting to blossom into something wondrous.

I touch Lake Tanganyika, and when it shimmers it reminds me of all I could be someday.

I smell the sweet earth that is kind enough to grow bitter coffee and saccharine sugar for me.

I see men working hard for hours in the blistering sun, and I am grateful for the diligence.

I cry tears of joy when my people have a successful harvest and full bellies, knowing there’s masses that don’t.

I am a country like a pepper on your tongue, small but not forgotten.


I understand that 67% of my people can’t write or read their own countries’ name.

I dream of a day when each one of them will rise above expectations, seeing no boundaries ahead.

I try to leap over the wall of ignorance, but I fall and shatter; I need help.

I hope to someday be an example to other countries, to be a beacon of light to those still in darkness.

I am Burundi, small like a caterpillar, but destined to be beautiful.









I am Brundi: war

By Jordan M.




I am a victim of war, almost too small to see.

I wonder why this war had to happen.

I heard the sounds of bullets ripping though the air.

I saw children, orphaned from war.

I want all who have been killed to come back, but they won’t.

I am a victim of war, almost too small to see.


I feel devastated for all who have suffered.

I touch the war stricken people, as they cry a river of tears.

I smell the delicious beans teasing “I’m not ready”

I worry about how we will deal with rebuilding.

I cry that something so horrible could last 25 years.

I am a victim of war, almost too small to see.


I understand I can’t move mountains, but I can heal a country.

I say it is possible to rebuild.

I dream of a warless world, where everything is perfect.

I try to get everything back to the way it was.

 I hope I never have a war again.

I am Burundi.





For a voice recording of Zack Baddorf, a reporter, explaining new challenges as Burundis president begins a new term. go to http://www.voanews.com/english/news/africa/Burundi-Facing-Many-Challenges-as-President-Begins-New-Term-101564493.html 




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