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Page history last edited by Julia 13 years, 6 months ago

by Jonny, Tess, and Julia



The Sleeping Country


By Julia Fredrick


I was once awake.

I wore a dress.

The dress was a swamp bursting with life.


I fell asleep.

My swamp dress bursting with life dried up.

My swamp dress became a dessert blanket.


My animals fled to the only water filled river.

Many called it home but others adjusted.

The others called the dessert home.


My men began to adjust.

My men ruled the river.

My men called my river Akhet.

My men called me Ha-ka-Ptah.


My men created a great civilization.

My men built great monuments, tombs, and cities.

My men were conquered many times.


My river and my names were changed many times.

I am now called Egypt.

My river is now called Nile.


I was Ha-ka-Ptah.

The Akhet was my river.

I had a swamp dress.


I am Egypt.

The Nile is my river.

I have a dessert blanket.


Artist Statment 

by Jonny French

My mask represents Egypt. The backround is the countrys  flag and the eagle is on the nose. The feathers help the colors of the flag standout.The brown square to the left is the constitution which is very important because they are goverened from the constituion and it is very important to how they run there country. The one right next to it irepresents their tribal beliefs.There are many different beleifs and lifestyles in Egypt. The 2nd one to the right is a pound. This is very important it is there currency. The one to the very right is a pyramid. This represents the rich and beatiful history they have. They have very beatiful wildlife.



I am Egypt

By Jonny French

I am a poor yet rich country that longs for a new begging

I see the primitive and beatiful pyramids and wildlife

I want food and claen water to serve me and my whole village

I am a poor yet rich country that longs for a new beggining


I feel the hot air despritley wanting a gentle gust of air

I touch the soft sand as I walk across the windy desert

I worry for my friends and family that one night a tragidy will occur

I am a poor yet rich country that longs for a new begging


I understand that we all have to help eachother

I dream that we will one day all be equal and never starve

I try to share and help everyone with the little that I have

I hope that one day we will all have a good life

I am Egypt


Overview of Egypt

By Jonny French


     Egypt is a very interesting country. It has an amazing history. They have a pretty good handle on things right now. They have a low crime rate which is good because people are safe there compared to some other countries in Africa. They also have amazing scenery and beatiful wildlife. They have a very rich history with ancient civalazations and art. 




Great Websites:

Check out the New York Time website to learn more about how Egypt was colonized.


Some good websites and information is:


There population is roughly 80.3 million 

In Egypt they speak English French and the main one is Arabic NYtimes.gov.eg

Great Britian colonized them  NYtimes.gov.eg

It is very beatiful and great wildlife touregypt.net

They have a republican Goverment Egypt.gov.eg

There main religions are Christian and  Islam but a long time ago they used to have much more complex belifs

They got there independance in 1992 but were colonized long before that NYtimes.gov.eg INACURATE 1922 NOT 1992

They have pretty poor healthcare and 48 percent of girls under 18 are obeise and alot of electricians have cancer arabtimesonline.com

They have a warm and tropical climate touregypt.com

Crime rate is very low in Egypt State.gov 

They have a pretty high life expancy indexmundi.com

There main imports are wheat and corn ggbzw.com

There main natural resources are patroliam and natural gas indexmundi.com

Healthcare is a struggle 48 percent of women under 18 are obeise Arabtimesonline.com





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michael a. said

at 4:06 pm on Sep 21, 2010

i cant wait till this is all ready to go. gonna be a great page

Tess Joy said

at 6:35 pm on Sep 30, 2010

It is great already. I have it and oh wow it's interesting. So yeh.

Tess Joy said

at 7:36 pm on Oct 3, 2010

Yay mine is one there :)

Tess Joy said

at 7:39 pm on Oct 3, 2010

on i meant.

MЯ.Soop said

at 7:23 pm on Oct 19, 2010

I don't mean to be a critic--but "pirimids" is spelled pyramids, and "Egypt's major countries are.." should be Egypt's major CITIES are...
And "Cario" is spelled "Cairo."
That's all.

Tess Joy said

at 12:16 am on Mar 26, 2011

ok well i dont care. mr.snoop, it doesnt really matter if everyone knows what it is. so .... That's all.
oh hey and mr.snoop...... anything good about the page?

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