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"Salama" kenya

by: Maddi and Eathan







This is a video of kenyas national anthum







Kenya is full of lots of exciting things and there is alot to learn about it.  A great place to learn about kenya is the CIA fact book which gives you lots of infomation the Cia factbook tells you every thing from the people to the cultur and belifs kenya has so many wild places you want to see but like most countries in africa Kenya is suforing from HIV and AIDS. There are other diseases to but HIV and AIDS is the main foucus on stoping/preventing this year. Kenyas

total population is 38,765,312. 15% of the population has Aids. Why this is  because of the health care in health care.   






Kenya has so much wild life and alot of that can be fond in Masai Mara Reserve




he are some facts over all about kenya















  My country is  Kenya. Kenya is a peaceful country but not without its flaws. Kenya’s government is sometimes close minded. Witch has people turn to faith to pray or merely just want someone to talk to. If you look at the black spot on my mask you will see a cross. That cross represents Christianity. Why i put that there is because it is one of the largest religions in Kenya and i put it on the forehead because it is something that sticks with you forever. Across from that is a mountain the mountain represents how kenya got its name kenya got it’s name after Mt. kenya. I put it on the forehead because it is a common fact that you would carry with you. I put a peace sign for the mouth because there has been no public out spoken slander of any major events. I chose my colors because they are  Kenya's flag colors. I choose these simply because i needed colors to start with and it also represented Kenya well. I did my feathers for the same reasons. What Kenya will hold for us in the future is uncertain. I hope that it will stay peaceful and kind. I am excited to see what Kenya will do next.       

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