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Sierra Leone

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The Beautiful country of sierra Leone


by Sophia and Skyeli


Sierra Leone is a country that the main tribe is mendigo tribe . the population consists of  20 African ethnic groups.there are  10% refugees from the recent war in Liberia and a small percentage of  Europeans,Indians,Pakistanis and Lebanese.the people of sierra Leone speak many different languages such as mende and English. there are also a lot of  natural resources in sierra Leone such as diamonds and rutile. not only is there a lot of ethnic groups but there are also beautiful natural scenery's such as wooded hills along the interior, and a mountainous plateau.

in the past sierra Leoneans were known for their  achievements in education and trading activity and entrepreneurial skills. and  arts and crafts mainly woodcarving. many are a part of large ethnic networks extending into many countries,which links west african states in the area,however the level of education and infrastructure was declined over the last 30 years.

General Information on Sierra Leone

Official Name: Republic of Sierra Leone
Capital: Free Town (Current local time)
Government Type: Constitutional Democracy
Population: 6.15 million
Area: 29,925 square miles; slightly smaller than South Carolina
Languages: English (official, regular use limited to literate minority), Mende (principal vernacular in the south), Temne (principal vernacular in the north), Krio (English-based Creole, spoken by the descendants of freed Jamaican slaves who were settled in the Freetown area)
Literacy: Total Population: [35%] Male: [47%]; Female: [24%]
Year of Independence: 1961 

this website includes information about sierra Leone's year of independence, geography and other info


Area: 71,740 sq. km. (29,925 sq. mi.); slightly smaller than South Carolina.
Cities: Capital--Freetown (est. 786,900). Provincial capitals--Southern Province, Bo; Eastern Province, Kenema; Northern Province, Makeni.
Terrain: Mangrove swamps and beaches and mostly shallow bays along the coast, wooded hills along the immediate interior, and a mountainous plateau in the interior. 

this website includes information about sierra Leone such as the economy


GDP (official exchange rate, 2009 est.): $2.064 billion.
GDP growth rate (2009 est.): 2%.
Avg. annual inflation rate (2009 est., IMF): 9%.
Natural resources: Diamonds, titanium ore (rutile), bauxite, gold, iron ore, ilmenorutile, platinum, chromite, manganese, cassiterite, molybdenite, as well as forests, abundant fresh water, and rich offshore fishing grounds.
Agriculture: Products--coffee, cocoa, ginger, palm kernels, palm oil, cassava, bananas, citrus, peanuts, cashews, plantains, rice, sweet potatoes, vegetables, cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, fish. Land--30% potentially arable, 9% cultivated.
Industry: Types--diamond mining; small-scale manufacturing (beverages, textiles, cigarettes, footwear); bauxite and rutile mining; forestry; fishing; flour; cement and other construction goods; petroleum refining; plastics; small commercial ship repair; tourism.
Trade: Exports--$205.9 million f.o.b. (2009 est., Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)): rutile, diamonds, bauxite, coffee, cocoa, fish. Major destinations of exports (2008, CIA World Factbook)--Belgium 39.2%, U.S. 22.1%, India 7%, France 5.4%, Netherlands 4.1%. Imports--$372.4 million f.o.b. (2009 est., EIU): foodstuffs, machinery and equipment, fuel and lubricants, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, building materials, light consumer goods, used clothing, textiles. Main origins of imports (2008, CIA World Factbook)--China 10.2%, U.S. 7.8%, Belgium 6.6%, U.K. 6.5%, Cote d’Ivoire 6.2%, India 5.6%, Thailand 5.1%


this website includes info about the exports and imports of sierra Leone


Sierra Leone is also rich in diamonds and other minerals. The trade in illicit gems, known as "blood diamonds" for their role in funding conflicts, perpetuated the civil war. The government has attempted to crack down on cross-border diamond trafficking.


this website includes info about sierra Leone's government and other important information


the government structure of sierra Leone is not much difference from our structure of government but having difficulties running their country their government is a democracy some branches of government executive,judicial and legislative. 



Sierra Leone is located on the West Coast of Africa between latitudes 7 and 10 degrees North and longitudes 10.5 and 13 degrees west. The Republic of Guinea is to the East and the North Eats, and the Atlantic Ocean is on the West and the South. It has 300 miles of coastline.


this website includes the location information of sierra Leone and other important information








Temperatures and humidity are high, and rainfall is heavy. The mean temperature is about 27° C (81° F ) on the coast and almost as high on the eastern plateau. There are two distinct seasons: the dry season, from November to April, and the wet season, over the rest of the year, with the heaviest precipitation in July, August, and September. Rainfall is greatest along the coast, especially in the mountains, where there is more than 580 cm (230 in) annually, but it averages more than 315 cm (125 in) a year in most of the country, with 366 cm (144 in) at Freetown. The relative humidity ranges from an average of 80% during the wet season to about 50% during the dry season.


this website includes information about sierra Leone's  climate
Read more: Climate - Sierra Leone - average, temperature http://www.nationsencyclopedia.com/Africa/Sierra-Leone-CLIMATE.html#ixzz112DE9VcV


Average Life Span and Percents


0-14 years old:41.7%

15-47 years old:54.7%

65 years+:3.6



total 19 years

Male18 years

female19 years

religion: Muslim 60% christian 30% animist 10%  

this website shows information such as government,economy and much more about sierra Leone or other countries http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/5475.htm


colonization:In 1787 the British helped 400 freed slaves from the United States, Nova Scotia, and Great Britain return to Sierra Leone to settle in what they called the "Province of Freedom." Disease and hostility from the indigenous people nearly eliminated the first group of returnees. This settlement was joined by other groups of freed slaves and soon became known as Freetown. In 1792, Freetown became one of Britain's first colonies in West Africa.

this website shows information about sierra Leone such as the colonization and economy



independence:The colonial history of Sierra Leone was not placid. The indigenous people mounted several unsuccessful revolts against British rule and Krio domination. Most of the 20th century history of the colony was peaceful, however, and independence was achieved without violence. The 1951 constitution provided a framework for decolonization. Local ministerial responsibility was introduced in 1953, when Sir Milton Margai was appointed Chief Minister. He became Prime Minister after successful completion of constitutional talks in London in 1960. Independence came in April 1961, and Sierra Leone opted for a parliamentary system within the British Commonwealth. Sir Milton's Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) led the country to independence and the first general election under universal adult franchise in May 1962. Upon Sir Milton's death in 1964, his half-brother, Sir Albert Margai, succeeded him as Prime Minister.

this website shows information about sierra leone's colonization and more






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this video shows the village of sierra Leone and the lives of people living there 








Artist statement


By Sophia Enriquez



On my African mask the wine bottle, cigarette and perfume bottle signify the imports into Sierra Leone 99 percent of the mask is blue which signifies the percent in sierra Leone the large blue body of water signifies the north Atlantic ocean. Represents The sun represents the hot and the red streak marks represents the humid climate of Sierra Leone. The red medical cross represents trauma care. The diamond depicts the exports in Sierra Leone. The blue bird depicts the wildlife in Sierra Leone. The hat depicts the celebration on Independence Day in my country. The music note represents chosen my country’s citizens favorite artist. The U.S dollar and the coins represent the currency in Sierra Leone.


Hope and dreams



I am a country where corruption is a problem

That is 99 percent African tribe

I wonder why corruption is a problem

I hear the sound of celebration on Independence Day

I see the Loma Masa Mountains

I want better health care

I am a country where corruption is a problem


I feel sad that I do not have enough health care

I touch the exported diamonds and ore

I smell exported wine and perfume

I worry the corruption will become a bigger problem

I cry about not having enough food for my country

I am a country where corruption is a problem


I understand that I was colonized by the British

I say that I am a country where Muslim is the main religion

I dream I can become a well built country

I try to deal with the limited trauma care

I hope the corruption will cease to exist

I am Sierra Leone






further questions for research

  • did the civil war weaken sierra Leone's government more than before the war that it is not possible to move on from?
  • why do so many people get HIV/AIDS?



























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