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Ivory Coast

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Ivory Coast

by Connor S. and Kiana



overview of Ivory Coast

Cote D'Ivoire as a marked location on the globeThe Republic of the Ivory Coast, on the south coast of the western bulge of Africa, is bordered to the north by Mali and Burkina Faso, to the east by Ghana, to the south the Gulf of Guinea of the Atlantic Ocean and to the west by Liberia and Guinea.
Ivory coast's main laugange is
French because the Frenchhad colonized there. Though other country's have been there first, like Portugal. Their main religion is Muslim. Ivory Coast has a very good soccer team, not the best in the world, but fairly good. They had been qualified twice for the world cup, but never got past the group stage both times. Their coach is Francois Zanoui and caption is Diolier Dragbon. Ivory Coast is the one of the worlds best suppliers of Cocoa Beans. But they are dropping their numbers dramatically, because their young don't want to take the responsibilities in being a farmer, and don't want t do it.The people in Ivory Coast love to make sculptures, masks and anything that has to do with art. They have a lot of sculptures and things at famous art museums. There are three major problems that Ivory Coast is facing right now ; too many immigrants, trafficking, and illegal drugs. The largest mountain is mount Nimba. Their government is kinda like the U.S's government but just a little bit diffrent. its really stable, but their is a lot of crime and their people cant agree on many things. Ivory Coast is a very cool place, but it isn't perfect and has many troubles.



looks like a nice day in Ivory Coast!




The Côte d'Ivoire National Football Team, nicknamed Les Éléphants(";The Elephants"; in French), represents cote d'Ivoirve (known as Ivory Coast in English) in international futbool (soccer)and is controlled by the Fédération Ivoirienne de Football. Until 2005, their greatest accomplishment was winning the 1992 African Cup of Nations against Ghanaon penalties at the Stade Leopold Senghor in Dakar, Senegal.

They have qualified for two World Cups, first in Germany in 2006, losing to Argentina and the Netherlandsand beating Serbia and Montenegroas they failed to progress beyond the group stage. They qualified again for South Africain 2010and did not get through the group stage again.

 Shirt badge/Association crest

The Ivory Coast love their soccer with all the other African nations.





Ivory Coast people love to make art.

Lots of art was made in ivory Coast,

and lots of their art is in museums in the U.S.



This is an Akan Shelid that was made in Ivory coast. 


Hornbill, ";Bird of the poro"; helmet mask, painted wood, made in Ivory Coast/


Leopard Transformation Costumes, made in Ivory Coast



Senufo Art also made in Ivory Coast




People in Ivory Coast

Population: 21,058,798

Age structure:

0-14 years: 40.6% (male 4,215,912/female 4,146,077)

15-64 years: 56.6% (male 5,942,642/female 5,720,108)

65 years and over: 2.9% (male 296,074/female 296,255) (2010 est.)

People Living With AIDS/HIV:  480,000 (2007 est.) country compared to the world : 20

Deaths from HIV/AIDS: 38,000 (2007 est.)

country comparison to the world: 16

Ethinic Groups: 

Akan 42.1%, Voltaiques or Gur 17.6%, Northern Mandes 16.5%, Krous 11%, Southern Mandes 10%, other 2.8% (includes 130,000 Lebanese and 14,000 French) (1998)


Muslim 38.6%, Christian 32.8%, indigenous 11.9%, none 16.7% (2008 est.)

note:the majority of foreigners (migratory workers) are Muslim (70%) and Christian (20%)


definition: age 15 and over can read and write

total population: 48.7%

male: 60.8%

female: 38.6% (2000 est.)

School Life expectancy:

total: 6 years

male: 10 years

female: 5 years (2000)



Republic of Cote d'Ivoire


republic; multiparty presidential regime established 1960

note:the government is currently operating under a power-sharing agreement mandated by international mediators


name: Yamoussoukro

geographic coordinates: 6 49 N, 5 17 W

time difference: UTC 0 (5 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)

note:although Yamoussoukro has been the official capital since 1983, Abidjan remains the commercial and administrative center; the US, like other countries, maintains its Embassy in Abidjan

Independence:7 August 1960 (from France) ( Its a national holiday)

Flag description:

three equal vertical bands of orange (hoist side), white, and green; orange symbolizes the land (Savannah) of the north and fertility, white stands for peace and unity, green represents the forests of the south and the hope for a bright future

note:similar to the flag of Ireland, which is longer and has the colors reversed - green (hoist side), white, and orange; also similar to the flag of Italy, which is green (hoist side), white, and red; design was based on the flag of France

Ivory coast was one of the United States largest supporters.


The country, which was divided religiously between a predominately Muslim north and predominately Christian south, was united under the strong leadership of Felix Houphouet-Boigny. During his presidency from 1960 to 1993, Houphouet-Boigny cultivated close political ties with West that insulated the Ivory Coast from the turmoil associated with the military uprisings and Marxist experimentation's that characterized the region. 


problems in Ivory Coast:

Ilegal drugs, such as Cannabis, Cocaine and herion. (DRUGS ARE BAD! NEVER DO THEM!)


Women are trafficked for restaurant labor, domestic servitude and sexual exploitation.

Boys are trafficked for agricultural and service labor.

Tier Rating is a 2

This is because ivory Coast hasn't stepped up yet to help stop this problem. they really need to because its becoming a major problem.


refugees (country of origin): 25,615 (Liberia)

IDPs: 709,000 (2002 coup; most IDPs are in western regions) (2007)






Artist Statements of our countrys masks that we made




Artist Statement

By Connor Slattery

     As you gaze into the blank expression the Ivory Coast, what is it that will stand out to you? The many colors show the diversity of the country. On the chin are five lines echoing away from the mouth; these symbolize the five main languages spoken in the Ivory Coast. There are many others that accompany them but you need to know the five to be able to speak to the majority of people. The forehead is divided in two with the cross on the left meaning Catholicism and on the right is the Muslim sign showing how the country is divided by their beliefs. The eyes shut shows that the government wants to be as little involved in the conflict as possible. The French flag fading into the flag of the Ivory Coast shows that France colonized the country. The number eleven on the chin surrounded by orange represents one of their national team’s star players, Didier Drogba. The left being blue and then the orange symbolizes the ocean and the land giving the country its name the Ivory Coast. What do you see on your own mask is it bright and lively or dark and hopeless.




It’s not just a face With a Bunch of Colors, it’s much more

By: Kiana

Côte d'Ivoire is a very interesting country and there are a lot of ways to symbolize it. There are many different opinions and ideas than what I did, but that is why my mask of Côte d'Ivoire is special.

 There are so many symbols to talk about, and a lot more to be explained! The moon and stars on the nose is there for Côte d'Ivoire’s most popular religion. Which is Muslim, and the Muslim sign is a yellow moon and star. It is placed on the nose because in Côte d’Ivoire 38.6% is Muslim and if you were you go there, you would basically breathe in the religion. The eye with the tear is there for Corte Devoirs past. Since there was a civil war, it has affected people who look back and cry. Since a tear is blue, it is also blue. But since a lot of people lost lots of blood in the battles, the tear is outlined with red. The eye is also black for the African’s in Côte d'Ivoire. The placement is where a eye would regularly be on a face. The mouth (placed where a mouth would be) is colored by the French flag. This is because Côte d'Ivoire’s main language is French. The soccer ball is on the mask because Côte d'Ivoire is all about soccer and some people even say that soccer helped end the civil war, and the possibly of you going to Côte d'Ivoire and not hearing about their soccer team is very slim. The left eye with the peace sign is represented for how much Côte d'Ivoire wants to have peace within the continent. The reason why the peace sign is red and green is because of the blood for those who use violence instead of peace, and the environment which had been destroyed because of war. The last items on my mask are the feathers, and the feathers are very important. The blue feathers stand for the three long rivers that flow down Côte d'Ivoire. While the black feathers stand for the mysteries of magic in tribalism. The last colors on my mask are orange, white and green (which cover the whole face). These colors represent Côte d'Ivoire’s flag. My mask had a lot of symbols, but they represent Côte d'Ivoire well.

Côte d'Ivoire is a very great country, and im glad I got to make its mask. Not only did I have fun making it, but I learned a lot about its past and where they’re going for the future. I didn’t want to study this country at first, but now I’m glad I did.






Poems that we made in literacy about Ivory Coast


Cote d'Ivoire is much more Than what it seems

By: kiana

I am a country with dreams about soccer, that has a beautifulriver called Bandama flowing through my veins.

I say " Bonjour' to passing people on my dry surface.

I smell the humidity in the air.

I hear Muslim women complain about their clothing in the scorching sun.

I see village people reading with ease.

I touch the beautiful mask and sculptures my people make. 

I want more money for my resources so i can fill helpless hands with green.

I try helping my people with poverty by giving them my natural resources.

I wonder if anyone will care when my state is over populated because

feel angry about the immigrants filling in my borders.
I worry about the illegal drugs being snuck in and made.

I cry about the HIV taking over my people.

I understand that my people have few opportunities.

I dream about peace in my continent.

I hope someday more of my people will become high school graduates.

I am Cote D'Ivoire




The Country of Differences

by Connor 


I am the country that looks up at Mount Nimba in a daze

 That is trying to move on but its people can’t agree

I wonder why my people have split in two

I hear the yells of a robbery from an innocent traveler

I want peace to overcome my people

I see the orange jerseys of the national team


I feel that change is so close but yet so far

I touch the cocoa ready to harvest

I smell the fear of travelers in a country of crime

I worry that we may never see the good in each other’s beliefs

I cry for peace of mind from the worries of malaria

I am the country that looks up at Mount Nimba in a daze,

That is trying to move on but its people can’t agree


I understand that my people have different religions that do not agree

I say work it out so we can move on from north and south

I dream that we will one day come together again

I try to see the good in both sides’ arguments but nothing comes of it

I hope for something to emerge from this stand still

I am the country that looks up at Mount Nimba in a daze,

That is trying to move on but its people can’t agree

I am Cote d’Ivoire




Some really good links for ivory Coast information are,

















Our Sources are:

People and Culture of ivory Coast,




Cia World factbook,


Senufo Art





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