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The Amazing Country Libya 

By: Savannah and Eli



This flag became libyas flag in 1977. It represents the libyans respect for Islam. 





     Libya is a country with extremely good health care. At one point they were the 16 richest country in the world and Libya still has the lowest poverty level along with Tunisia and Morocco. Libya's president supports terrorism. Libya also has a big problem with hepititus b, HIV and AIDS. Libya has extensive deserts and no water way except for one man made stream. Libya is a huge country that is rampent with HIV adn AIDS!





     The neighboring countries that surround Libya are Egypt, Tunisia, Alegeria, Chad, Niger,

 & Sudan. The capitol of Libya is Tripol. The population of Libya stands at 6,324,357. this may seem like a lot of people but for the size of the country that is not too many people.






      Along the coast line of Libya lies the Mediteranean Sea. Everywhere else has 

extreme dry, desert conditions. The desert in Libya is the Sahara desert. Mountains

 that are in Libya are the Acucas mountains, and Bikku Bitti Mountains.




YouTube plugin error                                                                                                                                                    LIBYA'S CULTURE IN  DANCE & MUSIC!                   




     Libyan's speak 3 different languages, Arabic, Italian, and English. The main religion

practiced there is Sunni Muslim (97% Other is 3%). A few of the many holidays are

 Revolution Day-july 23, Islamic New Year-January 20, 

The Prophets Birthday-March 31,& Italian Evacuation day-Oct. 7.



Libya imports and Machinary, Transport equipment, food, and manufactured goods.

They export Crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas. Their resources include,

   some of the stuff that they export... Petroleum, natural gas, & gypsum.


This is a photo of Libya's Prime Minister.

Libya was colonized in the 7th century and gained their 

independence on December 24 1951. They are republic country.


 HEALTH: people with HIV/AIDS-10%

adult prealence rate-3%

  life span-most people live to be between 15-64 years old.  

 Diseases: hepatitis B, AIDS, HIV





Surrounding countries: Egypt, Tunisia, Alegeria, Chad, Niger, Sudan

Major citys: Tripol (Capitol), Ajdabya, Al Bayda,Benghiza,darnah, Misratah, Tubruk.

Population: 6,324,357                                                                                                                                    Climate: Mediteranean  along coast,extremely dry, desert                                                                    

Major bodies of water: Mediteranean Sea                                                                                            

Mountains and deserts:Acucas mountains, Bikku Bitti, Sahara desert

Languages: Arabic, Italian, and English 

 Religion: Sunni Muslim 97%, other 3%                                                                                                                                              

Holidays: Revolution day-july 23, Islamic New Year-January 20, 

The prophets birthday-march 31,Natnioal 1,Italian Evacoation day-Oct. 7.                                                                                                                                            Diseases: hepatitis B, AIDS, HIV

Currency: Dinar

Imports: Machinary, Transport equiptment, food, and manufactured goods

Exports: Crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas

Natural resources: petroleum, natural gas, gypsun

Date of colinization: 1930's

Government sturcture: Republic 

Independence day: Dec. 24 1951 

 HEALTH: people with HIV/AIDS-10%

adult prealence rate-3%

  life span-most people live to be between 15-64yearsold.  


Artist Statement
 By Eli Fox
            When people look at Libya’s mask they see Italy’s flag, Islam’s symbol and a red ribbon. Italy’s flag is on the mask because they conquered Libya and it is placed on the forehead because Libya is very knowledgeable about their conquerors. The Islam symbol is on my mask because the main religion in Libya is Sunni Muslim. A red ribbon is on Libya’s mask because it stands for HIV and AIDS and they unfortunately have a lot of it in Libya. Of coarse its green because Libya’s flag is green. In a way I think my mask fits to my face because I’ve grown “one” with Libya.

     For more information you can go to CIA World Factbook. You'll get whatever info you need there you can get info from miltia to economy to people.









by Savannah and Eli

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at 1:32 pm on Sep 21, 2010

Libya is the 4 largest country in Africa and the 17 largest in the nation.

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put the info on the page!

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in the 1980 Libya was ine of the wealthiest countries.

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u heard me

Eli said

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Libya's solciel security is excellent!

Eli said

at 2:02 pm on Sep 21, 2010

Libya has the only flag that is one symbol and only one color

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