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   A Nation; Together, We Are One     


                  By Zach and Olivia                      



  Nigeria's Flag

Nigeria's flag's colors represent green for agriculture and prosperity and white for peace. 


Dear Readers,

      On this page you will find lots and lots of facts

about Nigerian government, economy, food, bodies of water, languages, major tribes, and much more. Zach and I have searched all over to find the best information for you! However, isn't just information, but colorful pictures, and a video about one of Nigeria's many talents. Enjoy! Happy learning,

                                                                                                          Olivia and Zach      


Quick Facts 

Natural ResourcesNatural gas, petroleum, tin, iron ore, coal, limestone, niobium, lead, zinc, arable land

Population: 149,229,090

Main Language: English

Other Languages: Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Fulani

Religions: Muslim 50%, Christian 40%, Indigenous beliefs 

Indigenous Tribes Population In Total Population: 88%

Main African Tribe In Nigeria: Both the Hausa and the Fulani

Diseases: Tuberculosis, rabies, malaria, yellow fever

HIV/AIDS: 3rd in the world for deaths: 170,000 a year

Fulani's Music And Food: Music: Drums, flutes Food: Yogurt, milk, porridge, butter, soup

Climate: Warm in southern Nigeria, tropical in central Nigeria, arid in northern Nigeria

Major Bodies of Water: Gulf of Guinea/ South Atlantic Ocean, Niger River

Major Landforms: Jos Plateu 1,200-2,400 meters, northern Nigeria on the edge of the Sahara Desert

Bordering Countries: Benim, Niger, Cameroon, Chad

Major Cities/Population: Lagos:11,135,000  Kano:3,329,900  Ibadan:3,139,500  Kaduna:1,510,300

Government Structure: Federal republic

Average Life Span: 46.94 years

Currency: Naira

Exchange Rate: 150 Naira=$1

Imports: Oil, natural gas

Exports: Oil, natural gas

Colonization Date: 1800s

Country Nigeria Was Colonized By: England

Food of Nigeria: includes meat, vegetables, fruits as well as the carbohydrates. Meats consumed by the Nigerians are beef, chicken, mutton, lamb, turkey, geese, pigeon, fish, guinea fowls, crab, shrimp and other sea food. Fruits include bananas, oranges, tangerines, pineapples, carrots, guavas, watermelons, melons, grapes, limes, mangoes, apples, tomatoes, peas and a lot more.


Fun Facts 

  • The country was named "Nigeria" after the Niger River. 
  • Nigeria has the highest rate of twin births in the world, compared to any other country.
  •  Nigeria is the 12th largest producer of petroleum in the world and the 8th largest petroleum exporter 
  • Nigeria has the second largest newspaper market in Africa (after Egypt), with an estimated circulation of several million copies daily (2003). 
  • The Niger River is Africa's third largest river.
  • It is widely believed that the areas surrounding Calabar, Cross River State, contain the world's largest diversity of butterflies.
  •  Nigeria has been ruled by military for most of the 47 years since its independence from Britain
  • The country was named "Nigeria" after the River Niger. 
  •  Football [soccer] is Nigeria's national sport.
  • Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the eighth most populous country in the world.
  • Oil was discovered in Nigeria in 1956, at Oloibiri (Bayelsa State).  
  • English is the main language of Nigeria. Apart from that, over three hundred languages are spoken in the country. 
  •  Nigeria has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with the International Monetary Fund projecting a growth of 9% in 2008 and 8.3% in 2009.


Artist Statements For African Masks 



Artist Statement of Nigeria 

Artist Statement

by Zach Clayton


     An elephant’s bellow rings out across the savannah, mixing with other cries, for peace, for an end to the wars. This country is a mix of cultures, each with its own symbol. My mask has its own symbols, too. Feathers symbolize each and every native culture and tribe, while the alternating green and white symbolize my country’s flag. My country’s flag had its own meaning, too. The green stands for the agriculture and lush vegetation of my country, while the white stands for the hope for peace and unity.  Finally, the blue waves are for the South Atlantic Ocean border of my country, on the sides of my mask because the ocean border is my country’s westernmost border. The long, blue line is the Niger River, flowing into the mouth, giving water to the people of my country, and, if you think about it, those same elephants on the savannah. My mask symbolizes Nigeria.


I Am Poem of Nigeria

A Nation; Together, We Are One

by Zach Clayton


I am a hopeful and growing mix of cultures that expresses Africa in many different ways,


I say that strangers and relatives should be treated equally, no matter what color the skin of their ancestors was and the color they have now,


I feel the pride of many national accomplishments, from soccer teams to an increasingly stable government, swelling continuously,


I understand that there always is room to grow and thrive,


I wonder if a whole world can support the weight of others needs,


I am a hopeful and growing mix of cultures that expresses Africa in many different ways,




I see choppy waves of the South Atlantic Ocean transitioning to majestic mountain heights,


I hear elephants bellowing and native Fulani tribes singing,


I touch minute grains of sand that slip through the wind,


I smell soup from a village’s dinner,


I am a hopeful and growing mix of cultures that expresses Africa in many different ways,




I worry if people will become aware of the diminishing species,


I cry about malaria and AIDS, a cutting knife that takes out siblings and friends,


I dream of a peaceful nation, not torn apart again by Civil Wars,


I try to see the future, but all I can see is the past,


I hope everyone has the chance to speak, separate or as a country,


I am Nigeria



Artist Statement of Nigeria

Artist Statement

by Olivia Terry


My mask is a glance of the hard earned future. The misty waterfall represents what was the old flow of tears. The peaceful ocean, replacing a sad pool of blood. Blue skies all over, substituting the polluted black skies. I miss the sweet sound of victory. I dream of the impossible future, that a mask that is a glance at the future... 


I Am Poem of Nigeria

          A Far, Far Away Dream.

By: Olivia


I am luscious, but a dangerous country that is stumbling on my own steps.

I wonder will the A.I.D.S ever be healed.

I hear guns going off, but I hear giggling as if they were thankful for what they had.

I see violence, but I see the glorious smiles.

I want a happily ever after ending for my people.

I am a luscious but a dangerous country.


I feel hurt and destroyed.

I touch the scars of my country.

I smell the salty aroma of tears, sweat, and blood.

I worry I will grow even weaker than I already am.

I cry every single time I see a speck of blood.

I am luscious, but a dangerous country.


I understand I am not the only one suffering.

I touch the hearts of my Muslim, and Christian children, and wish they could be form as one.

I dream I will wake up from this nightmare.

I try every day to make my powerful waves bring my vulnerable people fish.

I hope tomorrow will be better.

I am Nigeria.


Photos of Nigeria


           A lovely rain forest in Nigeria.                 Nigerian women hard at work making and selling food.


          Interesting Websites About Nigeria 





YouTube Videos of Nigeria 




                      Nigerian Fashion Show 

Further Questions...

Feel free to answer on any of these questions by making a comment


  • Question #1-Which country do you think is better off in environmental issues; the U.S. or Nigeria, and why? 
  • Question #2-Should the U.S. get involved in the AIDs problem of Nigeria, and why?
  • Question #3-Who owns the land in Nigeria, the government, the people, or both?
  • Question #4-Deforestation is a problem in Nigeria. What should be done to prevent that?
  •  Question #5-Are the native tribes in Nigeria important to Nigeria today, and should they be protected?


Interactive Questions That Have Answers On This Page 


  •  Question #6-What is Nigeria's main language?
  • Question #7-What are two of Nigeria's exports?
  • Question #8-How about two of Nigeria's imports? 
  • Question #9-What is the national sport of Nigeria?
  • Question #10-When was oil discovered in Nigeria?
  • Question #11-Does Nigeria have rainforests?
  • Question #12-What is one of Nigeria's many different talents? 















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